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About PeakEasy

PeakEasy Description:

PeakEasy is a gamma-ray spectroscopy tool intended for quick conformation and isotopic source reference. PeakEasy is designed around three isotope libraries bringing together several interactive spectroscopy tools into one package. Along with a comprehensive isotope library, searchable database, and a comparison spectra library, PeakEasy is able to load and display spectra data files from over 120 different file formats.

  • Approximately 400 isotopes and gamma-ray sources in its libraries.
  • Gaussian peak analysis engine with real-time fit results.
  • Library tab displays; half-life, dose rate, curies per gram, parents, gamma rays, X rays, photons per decay, and decay modes.
  • Utilizes Cambio.dll (from SNL) file converter to convert some file formats.
  • Available to government affiliates and contractors only.
  • No fees or license requirements.

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