About PeakEasy

PeakEasy Description:

PeakEasy is a gamma-ray spectroscopy analysis and radionuclide reference tool intended to assist in the rapid radionuclide identification and analysis of gamma-ray spectra. PeakEasy can read and display spectra from over 200 different file formats. It can convert spectral data to several of the most popular file formats used by other analysis tools. The gamma-ray library consists of over 3800 nuclides from the ENDF/B-VIII.0 decay library. PeakEasy also includes gamma-rays from over 200 (n,α) and (γ,α) reactions. The library is searchable using a variety of different search options. More details are provided in the help documentation. PeakEasy does not perform any automated identification.

Major Features:
What’s new in PeakEasy 5.0:
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